The adventures of Bullet

Bullet, before he went off on his "adventure"

About two weeks ago to this date, our house cat, Bullet, went missing. He first appeared when we were renovating our house in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Over the four months of renovations, I began to notice that there was this adorable little kitten that made the unfinished house its home. He went around anywhere he pleased, and just followed people around whenever he felt like it.

Initially I thought he belonged to the contractors. Later I was told that he was left by the mother cat, but he was pretty well looked after.

Once the renovations were completed, I asked the contractors if they were going to take him with them, but they said no. So I said, ok lah 🙂

We decided to name him Bullet because, as a kitten, he was truly hyperactive. He would chase after your feet, or the mop, or anything that moved thinking it was some sort of prey.

Now that he’s grown up a little bit more, he’s just sleepy.

About two weeks ago, at around 1.30pm, one of my friends at the house said that Bullet had gone missing. I was quite scared and nervous, so we went out around the neighborhood looking for him. We brought along his favorite rubber ball, but it was all to no avail.

Days passed.

We prepared flyers and distributed these throughout the neighborhood, hoping to get some kind of call from residents around our house.

A week passed.

And then another nervous week went by.

We began to lose hope, but we kept our chins up.

In the mean time, we found another set of kittens in the alley behind the house. Apparently it’s quite “fertile ground”, the Taman Tun alleys.

Kittens we found in the alley behind the house. Was so tempted to pinch one 😛

And then, suddenly, yesterday, one of the maids in a house down the street called my phone. “Maaf, ni encik yang ada hilang kucing itu ya? Boleh datang jumpa sekejap?”

My heart skipped a beat. I went out to the house and had a decently long chat with the maid and her friend. Apparently they suspected that Bullet was being kept in a house on the next street – one which we did not flyer as we thought Bullet wouldn’t have gone that far.

In any case, last night I received an SMS from that house owner. He said to please call him back, he thinks they have Bullet in the house. So I did, and I felt a huge burden being lifted. But I wouldn’t let myself be too happy, at least not until I’ve verified that it was indeed Bullet.

And so, this morning, I stopped by the house. It was Bullet!

Alhamdulillah, Bullet has come home. And what does he do?

Bullet at rest. 2 weeks of adventuring is enough 😛



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