The DBKL Solution

Bangsar – around Telawi and Lucky Garden – has always had a problem with birds (crows and swifts, I think). Their poop and evening socializing can be quite a challenge for residents and customers.

One wonders why DBKL is often seen to resort to this option of

No trees = No birds = No noise + No poop

In fact, DBKL has always given the impression that it has limited patience for trees. As an example, in 2008, I interviewed landscape architect Ng Sek San on the problems he and the residents of Lucky Garden faced with DBKL. KL City Hall had wanted to cut down all the trees along Jalan Ara (between the mosque and Lucky Garden) under the pretext of the continued mess the crows had consistently generated over the years.

Even though the residents disagreed to this heavy-handed solution, there was little they could do apart from saying they would chain themselves to the trees to stop DBKL workers from chopping the trees down.

Maybe this is one small reason why we should get back to voting for our mayor, so that at least if many residents disagree with what has been going on, he can be voted out of office.

Having said that, I wonder if urban Malaysians are really ready for a steady (or is it unending) stream of democracy besides voting in their MPs or ADUNs?


2 thoughts on “The DBKL Solution

  1. I know this tree! I live on the other side of the world now, but used to live in Bangsar for a time. It’s so odd to see this picture of a tree I know from the other side of the world … and sad to see it in this condition!

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