Nah and Namewee

If you haven’t seen the video ‘Nah!’ made by Wee Meng Chee, or Namewee as he’s better known, then I suggest you search for it somewhere on the interwebs.

I’ve seen the video myself. It’s rather colourful and expletive-filled, with more than a dash of anger-fueled “social commentary” (for instance, Namewee asks, rhetorically, who made this country rich – a point picked up by Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin).

I think first and foremost, from an arts point of view, ‘Nah!’ is more of an vitriolic outburst than a carefully thought-out — or thought-through — song. The lyrics are quite bad, involving bananas as a phallus replacement, while the beats are barely memorable. Didactic diatribe, some might say. Some of my friends joked (distastefully?) that, if anything at all, Namewee should be locked up for being such a bad rapper.

I honestly think this video is getting far too much airtime. Even Namewee himself has said “I’ve given my full cooperation with the police authority last night, so please let me get back to my work to direct my PATRIOTIC 1MALAYSIA FILM”. And important people have had their 15 min of press conferences and resultant headlines.

So Malaysia, let’s give ‘Nah!’ a rest.

And focus back to what Pn Hjh Siti Inshah Mansor actually said to all her students that one morning assembly. Wasn’t that what sparked all of this in the first place?


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