Enter the lone ranger

Could it be that after just two years in office, our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is now effectively going at it alone? That his vision and policies have received less than lukewarm response from his party, and even less enthusiastically appraised by entities like Perkasa, is something of a sign.

Is Tun Mahathir supportive of another backroom coup, as how people thought he did when (now Tun) Abdullah Badawi began dismantling some of Tun M’s perceived legacies? Is Perkasa a pawn in this game?

But will Perkasa not threaten to turn the entire chessboard upside-down? Or are they just obedient, pliable pieces?

Assuming he was indeed referring to No 1, the Umno Youth Chief’s tweet – “When the Shogun is under siege, his Samurai must be prepared to fight with their lives. Is there no one else?” – gives even more of an impression that we are looking at an engineered siege, if not a deliberately abetted one. With such clear lines of allegiance, will these also be the last days of Khairy Jamaluddin?


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