A list of happenings in 2010:

20 April – Joshua Wong, a producer, quits NTV7 after alleged political interference by the Prime Minister’s Office and the prime minister’s wife.

13 May – Contract of RTM2 producer for ‘Galeri Mandarin Nasional’ Chou Z Lam terminated

30 June – The annual publication permit for Suara Keadilan, the party organ for Parti Keadilan Rakyat, expires and is not renewed

7 July – The annual publication permit for Harakah, the party publication for PAS, expires

16 July – The Home Ministry renews the annual permit for Harakah

7 Aug – Tan Ean Nee, RTM2 producer of ‘Galeri Mandarin Nasional’, finds her contract not renewed

10 Aug – Filmmaker Fahmi Reza’s lecture, “Student Power”, banned by UiTM

15 Aug – Barely 24 hours after getting permission to present his “Student Power” lecture in UM, Fahmi Reza learns that the UM university administration has canceled said lecture

19 Aug – The annual permit of Rocket is renewed, some thirteen months after its expiration

19 Aug – Jamaluddin Ibrahim, or DJ Jamal on 98.8FM, is asked to go on indefinite leave because of his ‘Say Hi to Malaysia’ program

19 Aug – Police carted away three copies of Body 2 Body by Matahari Books from Kinokuniya bookstore in KLCC, along with The March to Putrajaya by Kim Quek. The books have not been banned, but Amir Muhammad, publisher of Body 2 Body, believes that the authorities only want to “harass the businesses (who stock these books).”

20 Aug – Joseph Seow, editor of Special Weekly, was removed from his post because of a cartoon he published which described PM Najib Razak as “Mr U-Turn”

20 Aug – Hawee bt Osman, a bookseller in Segamat, Johor, was called to give a statement at the IPD Segamat as a witness, under the Sedition Act 1948 because a comic by Zunar, Sumpah di Bumi Komisyen, was sold at her store.

Getting close to a general election, aren’t we?

= to be updated =


3 thoughts on “Control

  1. Yes, I have met a number of journalists who told me their sad stories…they get sacked or are asked to resign during Mahathir days…and they dotn have any recourse to take…Can we take bring this up to the world org on freedom of press etc?

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