On Khalid

Someone commented on Twitter some days ago that it’s hard, in terms of moral ineptitude, to be lower than Khir Toyo. Then came a rebuttal that “it is easier to be better than the current MB.”

So I asked on Twitter, what has Khalid Ibrahim done for Selangor lately?

Some (syahredzan, elizabethwong) answered that since 2008, the Khalid Ibrahim administration has produced:

  • Freedom of Information bill
  • Asset declaration
  • Selcat
  • Appointing BN as PAC chairman
  • Free water (30 cubic metres)
  • Independent DUN secretariat.
  • Recovered more than 3,000 hectares of forest
  • Land titles Orang Asli and people living on state land for more than 15yrs
  • RM1k 1st-year poor tertiary students
  • withdrawal from landmark Sagong Tasi case
  • recognising Orang Asli land rights
  • program khairat kematian for all ethnicities
  • withdrawal from court case against disclosure of Syabas agreement
  • 90 days maternity leave
  • aid for estate schoolkids

And more.

What did Khir Toyo do in the eight years he governed Selangor?

(image via TheNutGraph)


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